Is it quartz or is it granite?

This might make you feel old, but when they are renting places to live while they’re at college, some millennials have been heard to say they could not consider a place without quartz/granite countertops. You can delete whichever word you choose; the sentiment remains valid.

Quartz countertops chantilly va and granite countertops have more in common than you’d think. They are both hard surfaces that will take a lot of the wear and tear in a kitchen. Both are heavy you need to be sure the floor joists and the cabinets where you plan on using them can carry the weight.

Here’s the essential difference granite is 100% natural. Quartz is usually engineered and contains 5% polymer resin – especially when it comes to countertops.

This opens the door to a line of other differences.

Quartz is usually “greener”. As it is engineered it can be made from local materials cutting shipping, minim and transport costs. Granite comes for designated locations across the world. It has to be mined, cut, shipped and polished. Which does create work admittedly, but you can see it’s not quite as green.

When it comes to cost, quartz will usually be a less expensive option. It’s phrased like that for a reason because neither material is actually cheap. But production and shipping factor into the price and the result is that quartz is the less expensive option most often.

Quartz countertops chantilly va

You obviously care about looks, or you wouldn’t be doing this. There are so many options with the way quartz can look, it definitely opens the door to design ideas that would not be quite as effective if you were using granite.

Quartz can be almost any color. It can be translucent too. You can set it against other materials as well.