Why You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Using a liquid drain cleaner may seem like the perfect way to unclog your clogged pipes, but the opposite is true. You should avoid using a drain cleaner because they pose serious threat to your plumbing system. It is important that you pick up the phone and call for naperville drain cleaning when the time comes. Professionals know how to clean the drains and keep them working efficiently for a longer time period. And, you won’t need to risk your good plumbing system by using a drain cleaner.

Consumer Reports reported found drain cleaners are ineffective at clearing drains in more than 90% of the uses. So, purchasing cleaners is a waste of money that causes more headache and frustration to the day. Drain cleaners remove only certain types of clogs and will not unclog a major clog. So, it is likely that you will buy this product and still need to call a plumbing company for help.

Drain cleaners cause massive destruction to the pipes in your home over time. The more the cleaners are used in the plumbing system, the more damage that is caused. The damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Do you have this kind of money to fork over for repairs when much of the damage is avoidable by not using the cleaners in the first place?

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Along with all the negative points already mentioned, there is more. Drain cleaners are unfriendly to the environment as well. The cleaners are made with various chemicals and substances that end up in landfills, along with the plastic containers they come in. If you’re someone who wants to do their part to keep the world a great place to live, using these cleaners is something that you should avoid at all costs.